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The Supertech Audio cap-Guided Current 4TTN is a unique four terminal capacitor designed specifically for audio and other applications requiring ultimate capacitor performance. It offers several advantages, the capacitor plates guide the current pathway and the input/output connections are positioned so that filtering is an order of magnitude better than normal two terminal capacitors.
In collaboration with an audio research company,  DNM Design, the Audio cap-Guided Current 4TTN capacitor is manufactured by Supertech. This is a patented design which is particularly effective in all applications that need exceptional filtering.


Shape  &  Dimension :


D (mm) L (mm)
4700/ 63V 40 52
10000/ 50V 40 52
10000/ 63V 40 52
10000/ 63V 40 58
Electrical  Characteristics :

Characteristics           Items 

4700/ 63V 10000/ 50V 10000/ 63V      
Operating Temperature

                          - 40C ~+85C

Surge Voltage 79V 63V 79V
Leakage Current after 5 minutes.(3CV)  ≦1632μA 2121μA 2381μA
Max. ESR at 120Hz 20 32 mΩ  36 29
Max. Impedance at 10KHz 20 20   29 24
Max. Ripple Current (rms) at 120Hz  and   85C 8.06 amps 6.78 amps 8.43 amps
Load Life



after 10,000 hours application of working voltage at 85, the capacitor shall meet the following: 

1) Capacitance change: ±10%

2) ESR 200% of initial ESR value

3) Leakage Current: initial specified value

*Custom values are most welcome!

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